We Need More Eddies

Work Life Balance

Great people at home and great people at work is what keeps me going.

A passion for making the best in people and craft come out, always thinking about the team and making the UX craft better.

Being positive, sincere and honest is the secret -- it can hurt but finding a way to be constructive and delicate is hard. Good people make the hard look easy. In fact, that is what I love about user experience. Making the hard stuff feel invisible.

After many years in the UX industry, I've realized the best work comes from collaboration. Understanding things together starts with listening and sticking to what you believe in. 

  “The Dude abides.” — The Dude  

  • Slow is pro.
    Boater's creed
  • Lento y contento.
    Cars (Spanish version)
  • If it bleeds we can kill it.